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Sample Syllabus

Quarter Year
HIST #: Horses Through History

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Course Overview
            This class will offer a broad overview of the history of human-equine interactions. Students are expected to develop an understanding of technological and social changes within this history. Along with general information, students are expected to learn to recognize and evaluate a variety of sources including art, archeology, and textual sources.
            Students will divide in to groups of 4-6. All groups must be finalized by Tuesday of Week Two. Groups should sit together in class, and will be assigned a group channel on Ryver (see Technology). Your group is who you should go to first if you need to miss a class or have a question about the material or assignments. There will also be collaborative projects (see Assignments below) done within your groups. Lecture outlines will be posted before class with key terms and ideas. These should help you structure your notes. If you find yourself with large gaps, please consult your group.

            Students will need to brinb a web-enabled device to every class. This class will make use of two programs: Ryver and Socrative. You will need to make an account at and are expect to engage actively with the class via this platform. Quizzes (see Assignments) will be given via Socrative. You do not need an account for this, but you must use your full name for your quizzes every day.
            University policy.

            Texts will be posted on iLearn.

            Daily Quizzes – 15%
                        Each day, there will be a short, simple quiz with 1-3 questions either from the readings or the prior class. Quizzes will be given using Socrative, and room codes will be posted to the Daily Quiz channel on Ryver.
            Papers – 15% each
                        There will be two 1-2 page response papers. The first is due no later than the day of the midterm, and can address any topic from before the midterm. The second is due no later than the day of the final, and can address any topic from after the midterm. A rubric is available on iLearn. If you turn your paper in early, you will have the opportunity to write an additional paper on a separate topic and the higher grade will be counted.
            Midterm 20% ­–  Final ­– 30%
                        The midterm will cover the first half of class. There will be 12 ID questions, of which you will have to answer 10. The final will cover the entire class, but emphasize the second half. There will be 18 ID questions, of which you will need to answer 15.
            Video ID Project – 25%
                        Each group will be required to create a short 2-3 minutes documentary ID video. This will be discussed in Week Six, after the midterm.
            Group Evaluations
                        Each student will submit evaluations for every student in their group, including themselves. There will be a rubric posted to iLearn with questions to consider. These will be taken into account for group project grades.

            Week One
                        Tuesday: Intro & Pre-History
Go over syllabus
Quiz: Syllabus Items
Note taking strategies
            Lascaux & Related sites
Thursday: Domestication Theories
What is domestication?
What happens when animals are domesticated?
Quiz: Which of these are domestic? (check boxes)
Four type model
Single site theory & the Kazak find
Complications: Spain & Al-Magyar

            Week Two
                        Tuesday: Hittites & Egyptians
                        Thursday: Bucephalus & the Macedonian World
                                    Representations of Legitimacy
                                    The War of the Heavenly Horses
            Week Three
Tuesday: Greece & the Roman Republic
            World Trade
                        Thursday: The Roman Empire & “Barbarians”
                                    Germanic Horsemen

            Week Four
Tuesday: Mohammed
            What’s in a name? The Arabian, the Akhal-Teke, and ideas of purity.
                        Thursday: Chinggis Khan
                                    The horsemen who conquered the world
                                    How did they do it?   
            Week Five
Tuesday: Review
            Students will review in their groups.
                        Thursday: Midterm
                                    The midterm will cover the first half of class. There will be 12 ID questions, of which you will have to answer 10.

            Week Six
Tuesday: The Stirrup
            What it did, what it didn’t do, and where it came from.
            Video ID Project discussion.
                        Thursday: The Armored Knight in Medieval Europe
                                    Who he was.
                                     What he wasn’t.

            Week Seven
Tuesday: Those Other People
            Horses for the non-warrior in Medieval Europe.
                        Thursday: From Tourney to Carousel
                                    The Manage
            Week Eight
Tuesday: The New World
            The Spanish influence
            The Commanche Empire
Thursday: The New World
            The New Bloodhorse
            America’s Family

            Week Nine
Tuesday: “Classical” Horsemanship
            Blundville to Baucher

                        Thursday: Iron Horses
            Week Ten
Tuesday: “Natural Horsemanship”
                                    Modern ethics.
            Modern sales.

                        Thursday: Review
                                    ID Videos Due
                                    Review for Final
                        Friday: Movies
                                    ID Video Showing (popcorn & snacks)

Final Date

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