Sunday, May 29, 2016

More Kittens

Week Ten is upon us, which means never ending writing. Just not this kind.

A couple nights ago, we had a very surprising knock on the door while I was laboriously correcting footnotes. A friend/classmate/neighbor had found two very pathetic looking kittens in a broken down car on the street, and not knowing what to do with them brought them to us. Also, hey, kittens. What better study break?

I really should have taken a real "before" picture, but here they are after their first bath:

When we first saw them, the boy's (the more-orange one) eyes were swollen completely shut. We weren't sure he was going to make it. And they were (are!) so tiny. The girl ate some wet kibble right away (voraciously and angrily), which made us all very happy, but the boy wouldn't eat and even after a warm towel could only open one eye. Our friends who found them called animal control, but animal control decided it wasn't an emergency, so we kept them for the night. After a bath and several more cleanings with a warm towel, we got the boy's eyes open. And both were eating and making attempts at using the litterbox. They often missed (cats are great about not really needing to be trained, but still, they're wee tiny), but all systems were working. Celebration. They're maybe four weeks old, assuming they're stunted. The boy's ears were still slightly folded. They weighed three pounds between the two of them with bulgingly full bellies. We were planning on taking them to the shelter in the morning, both because we thought the little boy might need more than the antibiotic eye cream we had, and because we didn't want to expose our two cats.

Well, that was the plan. Unfortunately, Abdiel flipped out and when we wouldn't let him in to see them, he dug the towels out from under the door so he could peer in. So, they introduced themselves and we gave in.

Octavian is much more dubious. And by that I mean he ran away hissing and hid under the bed. He's starting to adjust.

They are doing so very much better now. Once they made it safely through the night, and since they aren't bottle babies that I really don't have time for, we decided to foster them until they're adoptable (re: vaccinatable & spay/nueterable) age. Their rescuers are already sorely tempted and will probably take the girl. Anyone want a sweet snuggly orange boy kitten?


  1. Hey your super blog is Haynets Blog of the Day today! Come and take a look:

  2. I see a foster fail approaching ...

    1. If we weren't in an apartment! Really, the only thing keeping us from having an unreasonable third cat in our small apartment is the lease (and that we actually like the complex manager). Both kittens are ridiculously sweet. It always amazes me how fast kittens this age un-feral. And how fast they learn to climb the furniture, when they could hardly walk a week ago.

    2. Well, we didn't keep them, but their rescuers ended up keeping both. So we get to visit :-D