Friday, June 24, 2016

What a week!

    We were in Maryland (mostly) the past week and change, and it was of course a crazy packed week.

     ...before you worry, the kittens are now big enough and healthy enough for a normal living situation and were safely ensconced with their rescuer. Who is now trying to figure out how to keep both of them. I am entirely unsurprised. And by that I mean I planned on it ;-)

   Where was I? Oh, yes, crazy packed week. So we flew out from Cali last Saturday. And Sunday I was off to WV with a former student for a riding clinic. Had a blast showing her around my alma mater, and getting some rust knocked off my riding by Nancy.

I got to ride in this. It was ridiculously nice. 
   And then back to MD! Family things! Sportsball! Actually, that was fun, too.

  The weekend got rescheduled a good half a dozen times, but we did still end up in Baltimore and managed to meet up with one of the two lovely people we'd planned on seeing. We went to the Walters Art Museum. I had planned a fuller post on this trip (it was amazing, and I'm really amazed I never knew it was there, given its founders' role in equine history), but between current events, recovering from airport plague, and needing to prepare for Leeds, that will have to wait. For now, have some pictures:

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